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Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyoujin) : The Last Wing Of Mankind Nintendo 3DS Rom Download

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  • Region: 
  • Group: Kirin
  • Number: 3DS0531
  • Release Name: Shingeki_no_Kyoujin_-_Jinrui_Saigo_no_Tsubasa_JPN_3DS-Kirin
  • Console: 3DS
  • Posted: 2013-12-24
  • Downloads: 2,866 Total (9 Today)

Download :

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Single Link :
Here ( 2.48GB )


Split Link :
Part 1 ( 1GB )
Part 2 ( 1GB )
Part 3 (48MB)

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  1. This game is an unexpected pleasure. Navigating the environments you’re placed in using the 3D Manoeuvring Gear is frenetic and fun, downing Titans is exciting and seeing other team members rushing past to attack or coming over to help you out brings a sense of immersion to mankind's epic struggle — even if your single player allies are largely just for show. I also like Attack on Titan cosplay costumes .

  2. can the game play on pc ?

    1. for now theres is no 3DS emulator yet for pc. maybe in future. :)

  3. This

    1. keep my words. theres is still no 3ds emut yet. that is just a scam website with bunch of survey. and it will not work. :)